Score (or More Accurately, GOOOOAL!)

While people talk about the brave new digital world that has changed the face of global communication and information distribution, as a computer data specialist, it is now old hat. We are just improving the quality of Internet content and the challenge of better storage. There is a universal demand for statistics and data and we will never run out of projects. It is all about controlling the flow of data for me. But I have another life as well. I spend time browsing the web and love watching a soccer match now and then with my coworkers. I am not a hermit after all. As a bit of a rebel, I have started to watch soccer on TV at work. BUSTED! The boss has noticed our wasting time (or so it seems) on rather long breaks.

Soccer is such a dynamic and exciting game, despite low scoring, and we all have our preferred teams. The sport is insanely popular around the world and has been intriguing American fans more and more, with the launch of publications like Top Corner Magazine to help satisfy the demand for information on the sport. Goodbye football, basketball, and baseball or kids. It is all soccer after school and the young ones are getting quite skilled. They are our national team of tomorrow. Most guys I know enjoy coaching their children, and while I don’t have any, I join in the fun on weekends. The problem at the office is that I can’t resist taking in a match now and then, particularly during playoffs. You can’t keep me away from the screen. When it gets down to final matches, we are on pins and needles.

Since the boss discovered our obsession, he has made wry comments. After a while we succumbed and invited him to watch with us. Seeing our great enthusiasm, he accepted. Now we have regular TV sessions at strategic game times (this varies with the season), based on what I find on Twitter. You will find the boss comfortably ensconced in his big executive chair. We have a convert in our midst! He yells GOAL! with vigor. Including him has become of our best ideas. We were not surprised that he offered to pass around a memo with the week’s game schedule. Talk about participation! He was now the ringleader.

To make our breaks more fun, and to add to the camaraderie, the boss now provided snacks and beverages according to the time of day of the match in question. He says it is his treat. This is a true example of how soccer, a formerly unknown and ignored sport in the US, has taken over the country. I wonder if this sort of thing goes on in other offices and industries. We can attest to the fact that the computer nerds are all in. When the season is over, we resort to traditional coffee-drinking breaks and it is back to work. This makes up for the lost time when soccer is the topic of the moment. We could discuss the players and their stats forever.