A Hobby That Might Actually be Worth It

If you have to have a boring computer job, it had better be in an exciting and dynamic environment. I know this from personal experience. Therefore, I always recommend positions in the field to new grads who ask, just pick and choose. Data collection is important work that impacts so many fields. I know that it pays well if it provides enough information to help online retail commerce. As much as I tout my profession, I have to say that once in a while I can’t wait to step away from my laptop. When my eyes are crossing in front of the screen, I know it is time to go outdoors. This is known as a much-needed reprieve. It doesn’t have to be a big deal vacation, just an afternoon in the sun.

Right away when I first began to have computer overload, I looked into new hobbies. I never was one for daily sports and the gym only beckons once a week. Plus, it is all indoors. I felt a need to be in nature inhaling lots of fresh air. A regular walk is fine when I want to think, but I would rather participate in an activity. Some time ago, I was introduced to gold prospecting by a friend when they sent me a link to https://www.findingafortune.net/a-beginners-guide-to-prospecting-gold-for-fun-and-maybe-profit/. I thought it odd enough to find out what was involved. I did it once or twice but the friend moved away and I forgot all about it. Now the subject has come up again. My memory bank is recalling some unique fun and diversion. Can I do it alone and have just as good a time? Why not.

Gold prospecting in the right place can yield some profit, even though it is best not to go with this exclusive intent. It doesn’t always happen. You would have to go to some known and well-travelled areas like Alaska if you want to get rich quick. Better to see it as a hobby. You can go solo or with anyone you like. You need some basic equipment depending on your level of involvement. Most beginners start with panning in a creek using a simple receptacle that separates dirt and rocks from gold flakes or nuggets. If you want to get fancy, buy a gold sluice. They sell plenty online which is a testimonial to the level of worldwide interest.

This equipment is a plastic or metal box through which water in a stream passes. Just a different approach to prospecting and an alternative to panning. You put moss, rubber, or carpeting on the bottom to trap the gold. It arrives there after being filtered through riffles or purposeful obstructions that slow the movement of the precious metal. Boxes can be 24, 36, 48 or inches—larger than the ones used a century and a half ago when gold mania was rising. Imagine using the same basic technology today! This, or course, does not apply to big corporate mining. In the future, I will tell you how it goes.