The Man Cave is Open!

Life has its odd twists and turns. Ironically, one day I am knee deep in data collection to make important contributions to a medical team; the next one I am celebrating the official completion of my best friend’s man cave. From one end of the trivia spectrum I roam. I prefer to stay on the serious end, but we all need some social recreation from time to time. I was anxious to see the new custom room constructed for just the guys. I couldn’t have imagined a better place. He spent some hard-earned bucks. There was a leather sofa, as comfy as could be, right in front of the big flat screen TV. My friend assured us that we could spill anything on this upholstered marvel and there would be no damage. “Get as rowdy as you want,” he beamed.

A couple other soft chairs were scattered about the spacious room, one with a matching ottoman. He had posted photos on Facebook but it looked even better in person. Everything was perfectly aligned with the giant screen. A glass table served as a receptacle, not for coffee, but for drinks. A bowl of nuts sat next to one loaded with pretzels. We gazed with amazement at the home entertainment center with the best Bose speakers money can buy. There was a batch of CDs on a wooden shelf waiting for us to make our individual selections. We would hear the benefits of surround sound.

At one end of the room, not far from the seating area, was a mini kitchen with an under counter refrigerator, wine cooler, and a fabulous stainless steel kegerator. Yes, he made homebrew for his privileged guests. We couldn’t think of one thing that was missing. “You want wine, soda, water, lemonade, or beer,” he asked. We all jumped on the home brew. This new man cave was about to rock.

It was so typical that at first I expected to see a sign that read “no women allowed.” Ha! His wife and daughter never made one appearance, even to bring food or just say hello. I guess they had gotten their instructions. After all, this was opening day to a very male event. The kegerator had three faucets so you can choose from three specialty homebrew beers that he has put in there. He was very quick to show off the web page that he got the idea from – I love the idea, but am not sure I would buy this huge size. How can we drink this much? “Over time,” he laughed.

We had our choice of just hanging out for the day, watching a movie (he also had a vast collection), listening to music, playing cards, or enjoying a football game. We chose eating and drinking first. Later, we could do all this other stuff to try his equipment out. We were having so much fun that we didn’t have time to be jealous. But then who has a spare room or basement this size to house a true man cave. He had a wall of sports memorabilia, including his college team, and a shelf of cool ceramic logo mugs. All I can say is wow!