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The Man Cave is Open!

Life has its odd twists and turns. Ironically, one day I am knee deep in data collection to make important contributions to a medical team; the next one I am celebrating the official completion of my best friend’s… Read More

Odd Data Request

Data collection is a specialty in the digital era. It is my job. Not everyone knows what it entails. They think it is someone going door to door conducting research for the census bureau. It could be that…. Read More

How Can Linking Data Help Healthcare?

With electronic medical records, there are a lot of pieces of information about you—and everyone else—floating around on the internet and in cloud systems all over the place. Your bloodwork, treatments, allergies, imaging information, everything. Out there in… Read More

Data for Injury Prevention

There is date out there on every subject imaginable. Everything has been studied and analyzed to death. People are interested in stats and figures and how they impact business profits, customer habits (isn’t it always about sales these… Read More

Data Breaches

Maybe it is because I am a computer guy but data breaches make me angry. Most of the time, it doesn’t happen in the way that you think, either. It isn’t some malicious, highly skilled hacker getting into… Read More

Kiss Your Privacy Goodbye?

The world is getting more and more connected. With all the cellphones, smart watches, cameras,  tracking and data sharing around you, it is a wonder you can do anything without it being recorded in some way. In some… Read More

What Can We Do With Linked Data?

Linked data might seem like a big and alien concept. There’s all this information out there and it is increasingly being compiled into useful subsets of searchable information that people are able to interact with. If that sounds… Read More

Protecting Your Online Data

When you’re online, whether on your phone or your computer, do you assume that your information is completely private and safe? Or are you paranoid about hacking, viruses, and data breaches, and take extra security measures? Most probably… Read More